Wednesday, 14 September 2016


Hi everyone!

So me and Steven just celebrated our anniversarry this August, but just had the chance to celebrate it properly in the beginning of September! We pick Japanese food because we love it! After searching and saw reviews, we decided to try this newly opened restaurant: FUJIN Japanese Whisky & Teppanyaki. The ambience here is a little bit dark, but it makes the lunch experience look more intimate.

Ordered some of the menus recommended by the waitress. The food is quite awesome, delicious and tasty. I am usually a sushi hardcore person, but trying Japanese food in different menus is great! I forget the names of the menu we ordered, but here are some shots of the food:

I think i love this one the most! Steven loves it too, i think it is the combination of Japanese and Western? The green sauce (read; pesto) makes this menu tastier. The baby tomatoes here is fresh and juicy as well!

Enoki Mushrooms


This one tho! We love it so much because it is unique, more salty and cheesy, a little bit melted and delicious. The meat is also tender and soft. Love it!

Unfortunately when we were having lunch.. The electricity went off twice! So we gotta eat in the darkness and gotta make a light from our phones! Well, we arrange this situation to still making awesome food photographs :p Talk about positivity! Turned out the photo is nice. It was Steven's idea! The picture above was taken in complete darkness with just a help from Iphone's light.

Always a wonderful time with you!

After Lunch ;D

Decided to go to Dia.lo.gue Artspace afterwards, sight seeing and there was a poem exhibition there! Ended the day with bookstore visit to Aksara Kemang. Bookstores always be our favorite place! 

Blurred, cropped and rounded faces dont care :p

Happy Anniversarry Steven! May our journey be continued :)

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