Friday, 25 March 2016

SOKO WIYANTO: Indonesia Fashion Week 2016 Runway Recap

Attended Soko Wiyanto's fashion show at IFW 2016, and definitely he is my new favorite darling designer. I saw how he put beads, jewels, lace, brocade, jacquard, velvet into magical long gowns. Many silhouettes appeared, from mermaid dresses to ball gown and all of them are really sophisticated!

Enjoy these photos below, enjoy his masterpiece!

Major crush on this mermaid dress with a drape accent on chest

Who doesn't want these gorgeous, bling and graceful gowns?

Nice color gradation

This one is my personal favorite too, like a ancient Greek godesses. That velvet fabric is also an additional pretty value

This ball gown is the last gown to be appeared, if you take a closer look; the beads are sewn right on top of the hip part.


FINALE pose.

As seen here, all details are matter. Look how intricate they are! I love the Mandarin collar being used into a night gown, especially in dark color like navy here. Plus, i think i slightly remember that these gowns are also like Kebaya- inspired.All of Soko Wiyanto's designs are extremely gorgeous!

I'll post another 3 designer's collections on my next post. Don't forget to comment below and follow me via Instagram and Snapchat to view more daily updates! :) See you on my next post!

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