Sunday, 27 March 2016

Rizman Ruzaini for Indonesia Fashion Week 2016: Runway Recap

Definitly WOW at the first sight, Malaysian Designer Rizman Ruzaini is very capable for putting elements together prettily. I mean, from sequins to feathers, latex to lace; all looking extra glam in purple color dominated. I adore how he puts everything to be in special and pretty harmonization.

Rizman Ruzaini Fall/ Winter 2016/ 2017 at Indonesia Fashion Week 2016

I have a secret obsession with big flare skirts/ bottom like these. Awesome!

Just told you! Look at the sequins and feathers here. Who doesn't love? All of these stunning pieces will make a head- turn as you walked down. Wearing that jet black sequinned tux = my dream!!

These two are my major crush. Notice the similar part? FLARE bottom!!!!!! When i saw these down the runway, i really couldn't take my eyes off from these gorgeous pieces. Imagined myself wearing them and strike a pose, hahaha. My most favorite part is the 3D flower embelishment in the first picture above; attached there layers of tulle to make extra flare volume.

This is the final gown that came out and it's just breath- taking. I directly thought that this gown should've be Maleficent's gown in the Diney movie back then. Structured, strong and bold. Sexy!

Finale Pose

Psst, i'll post 1 more designer's runway recap on my next post. Can you guess who? :) Don't forget to comment down below! :)
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