Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Indonesia Fashion Week 2016: Outfit Post

Hello everyone!

Last weekend on Saturday, i had a chance to come to Indonesia Fashion Week 2016 (IFW 2016) with my friends. It's so fun, because we were able to meet up after so long! psst, are you curious whose designers' shows i was attending yesterday? Stay tune, because i'll post a lot about their awesome and spectacular masterpiece!

Here is my outfit that day:

Indonesia Fashion Week (10- 13 march 2016) is annual event organized by APPMI (Asosiasi Perancang Pengusaha Mode Indonesia) or in English: Association of Indonesia Fashion Designers Entrepreneur and this year was lead by Poppy Dharsono, Indonesian designer and fashion Entrepreneur. 

So happy to be able to witness the fast growing fashion industry here in my country Indonesia. I've always wanted to contribute something through fashion in my country. Seeing amazing masterpieces and artwork really amazed me! My jaws dropped a lot of times seeing remarkable pieces that must be designed and made carefully. 

A lot of local brands and UKM (Usaha Kecil menengah) participated in this one of the big fashion event in Indonesia. I took a stroll a little to see, and once again i'm amazed by the quality of our local product. That is why i really love to use local made, for now especially in fashion items. I even bought myself a hand- crafted phyton snakeskin clutch. Hahaha, i know, my weakest point when i saw something eye catchy and unique! :p I'll post it soon i my next outfit posts :) Bought it because the superb quality; plus it is handmade. I always appreciate handmade things; you gotta put so much effort to make one, and 4 thumbs up to local Indonesian designers and crafters!

If you are a designer or a crafter and you're reading this post, please know that keep doing your work and put your best effort! I'd love to see and wear them, because i realized if we don't love our local products, then who else gonna do? Foreigners may love them too, but i think it is supposed to be us that love our products. Nationalism wins :)

My friends arranged a theme for this event's #ootd: it's monochrome! I'll post photos with them on my next post, you gonna be curious! My friends are wonderful, they have their own unique personal style. So happy to find a community that doen't judge you from the way you dress up, the way you look in fashion. Fashion is freedom.

I wore this white- based stripes jumpsuit. Bold prints game strong! ;) I've been wearing a lot of jumpsuits lately, it's my favorite fashin piece. Especially, this kind of stripe pattern will surely make you look instantly slimmer, taller, bolder. Hahaha ;D

Because i've been always colorful, i added a touch of red color in my outfit. The trapeze tote bag and a simple red pump, just because the print has bold enough; i didn't wanna look 'heavy'. Balancing is the key! Psst, the jumpsuit and bag are unbranded, because i found it in some market! ;)

Hope to attend next year IFW again, and stay tune for my next report about the fashion shows i attended! Don't forget to follow my Instagram: @thelmakisela and Snapchat: thelmakisela to see my daily outfit posts and activities. See you around soon friends :)

Thelma Kisela

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