Thursday, 10 March 2016

Cullotte Jumpsuit

Holla friends!!

In this post, i wore something i extremely LOVE. It's like; major crush, hahaha. In case you haven't know, it's a jumpsuit! Jumpsuit is one- piece item, they are not separated like top and bottom. Wear this kind of piece to elongate your body figure, it instantly adds some height! ;)

Pretty shoes can help girls conquer the world. Lace and pink, beautiful peep toe heels by PEDRO
Elona Cullotte Jumpsuit by AmyGo -
Watch by GUESS

I love this jumpsuit so much because of the pretty pattern! I fell in love for the first time i saw this. I think this kind of jumpsuit is very stylish, but comfortable. Either you go to hang out, going on a date, or casual walking errands, this jumpsuit simply is a head turner. No need extra effort to put much accesorries, because the jumpsuit itself has made the statement.

I feel strange sometimes about my style; i can be very feminine today but tomorrow i'll be a super baddass boyish, LOL. I even find out myself sometimes thinking; wow, i never thought i'd wear this! But turned out i am wearing the outfit. After i think and figure out, later on i realised i'm more like a fashion chameleon. I love clothes, fashion, styling and everything so the desire to dress up never really leave me. I sometimes dress up in lazy outfit, i don't even care if i go out with slippers and ugly t-shirt. But more over, i tend to realize now that dressing up is the form of good manner. So i never dress up to impress someone, or just to prove everybody that i love fashion or i am outstanding. NO. I dress up because i respect myself, because i am doing what i love and i am loving what i do.

As Rachel Zoe said: "Style is the way to say who you are without having to speak"
And i guess everybody agrees! ;)

What do you think about my outfit? :)
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See you on my next post!

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