Thursday, 25 February 2016

Laced Up Heels and Black Dress

Hi again lovely readers and friends! So glad i can finally had some time to blog :D It is always been a fun way to pour all of your thoughts to article and in the future, you can re-read your writings and remembering memories :)

I have favorite quote from a famous American entrepreneur and indrustialist; Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Motor Company. He says: "Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right"

The first time i read this quote, i feel like Henry Ford just slapped me. YES! It is true. You are the one who makes decision wheter you can or not. Most of people tend to be pesimistic; they don't see chances to make them better. What they usually do is keep complaining and telling themself not to. Not to be wealth, not to be happy, not tp dream to high (because when you fall you will feel very very hurt). I totally disagree with this kind of perspective. 

My own thoughts are:
1. We were born to be a winner.
2. Dream as high as you can. Dreaming cost nothing, it's free and healthy for your imagination ;) When people starts to tell you don't, you are the one who can decide whether you're following them or not. Or you choose follow your heart?
3. No matter how high my dreams are, i wouldn't get hurt because it is just a dream. Manage yourself to be strong, to be able to face the hurt itself. People who always feel weak will be always forever be weak. Including; being weak to manage their ability to face bad conditions
4. Dreams will be just dreams unless you take action and work for it.

So, Henry Ford is really correct saying this quote. I am encouraging you to, where ever you are now; whether you are students, business people, actress, or someone who's just trying to search identity, it is YOUSELF to say you can or you can't :) Just believe in yourself after God.

Wearing my basic and usual black flare dress that day. I felt like this dress was too plain, but i wasn't really keen that day to put accesorries, so the solution is; add on an outerwear! I picked this warm knitted cardigan that has a length like a coat. Wear it like you wish to: around the waist, put it as a cape or simply just wear it ordinary and original.

I am also a sucker of shoes and pretty heels. I keep on buying shoes, i can't stop, hahaha. My laced up heels were made in Bandung in some random shoe shop there. I am very proud to #wearlocal :) I designed my shoes on my own, because i can't find exact laced up heels like i really want.

What do you think about my outfit? Don't forget to comment below and tell me ;)
See you guys on my next post! :)

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