Monday, 22 February 2016

Brocade and Denim

Hi Guys, so how's your day today? I do hope that all good and lovely! Yesterday, i slept at 3 AM because the loading process of @amygostore bazaar at a mall just finished at 2 AM. Phew! It's really been a hectic week, but i'm happy because it means: being productive!

In this post, i wear something delicate, sweet and pretty item: brocade peplum top. It's actually a new arrival on soon, but i really can't wait to wear it ;D It's reaaallllyyyy pretty! The fabric is very stretchy, so it will shape your body figure nicely. Some of you may haven't know the trict to wear clothes when you are not confident with your belly. Just wear peplum top/ skirt and TADA, it will give you illusion a flat- tummy. That means: bye bloated belly- awful look!!

My makeup today. put on some lashes and peachy pink matte lipstick. Foundation and peach blush are must!

Daniel Wellington Watch. Classic and Elegant

Just paired it with a denim pencil skirt and added monochrome block heels and a purse. That day, i just wanted to dress in a classic and simple way, so i opted white and jeans. To give some elegant touch, i decided to put on pearl necklace, in a more casual way.

Back Detail i REALLY LOVE

Shaping body figure nicely

I've been juggling between my study and business, and another job! Of course, college is my priority. I always finish my tasks first then i will do my other job. Some of people ask me, how can i manage all things to do in the same time? I would probably answer: make priority and lists to do. Second step, you gotta be discipline and follow your own tight schedule (made by6 yourself). You can't give up by taking a nap 2 hours when you already planned to have meeting at 14.00 o'clock, you'll running late! The third step, don't forget to enjoy all the process and have some fun too!

On top of al, always do everything with your all heart and effort. Great result can't come to lazy person, great result is achieved by your own high determination and your drive to be success. Have a wonderful day peeps! See you on my next post :)

Brocade Peplum Top:
Denim Pencil Skirt: Unbranded
Blck Heels: New Look
Black Mini Purse: Charles n Keith

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