Monday, 4 January 2016

White Casual in Modern Kebaya

HAPPY NEW YEAR my dearest readers and friends! 2015 was indeed a blessing, every day is good and awesome with its ups and downs. There are many incredible and exciting experiences i've been through. I thank God every day i am still alive until today, even by the time i'm writing this post.

Oh by the way, have you managed some time to make resolutions? :)

Wearing this modern casual style Kebaya Kutubaru from AmyGo ( for some event. I love how the Kebaya falls on the body, flowy, breathable, breezy and very light. It even suits the humid weather like here in Indonesia. i am thinking for wearing this piece both in formal and informal occasion.

I wore this outfit when i was sharing my experience as an entrepreneur at my ex junior high school. I was a speaker, so i chose to wear some proper outfit but also works in casual style. Decided to pair the Kebaya with blue skinny jeans, added some statement earrings as a final touch. I let the least in neutrals :) Thoughts?

One of my 2016 resolution is that i wear more local products. I really really put so much interest in local brands and products, even i decided to make one. I always have a desire for our local made. I have seen a lot interesting products such as home wares, kitchen supplies, furniture made by our local talented human resource. They don't stop there, our local products also revolve in the fashion industry, from false eyelashes, hair clip, softlenses, bags, leather shoes, jeans, garments, fabrics, and so on. Not to mention that i've known several regions in Indonesia that produces machines for a Germany automotive. I always wonder, Indonesia has so many things to be proud of; the quality of the products and the human resources is comparable too to another country. So let's be proud and emphasize them!

We should embrace our culture, but also embrace our talents and ability. I see a lot of potential resources (human and capital), that's why i am very passionate to become an entrepreneur who builds a global local brand. That is one of my wildest dream! I wanna see my brand stands out in the world wide retail stores, like Zara from Spain. I also wanna see my brand is the top destination for online shopping. Amen! :D

My jeans is local made too! I purchased this jeans years ago when i was still in junior high school (can't believe the jeans still suits me), and now it's been years! You can see the jeans even doesn't bulk, doesn't fade or wrinkle. The workmanship is nice too. Can you guess what brand? ;) Hint: the brand is always in the biggest department store in Indonesia called Matahari Department Store ;)

My lovely nude color hand bag is also local, so happy! If you wonder, it's from @aifibag by Aida and Fira on Instagram :) I saw this bag at an expo and decided to purchase it online. The material is awesome, the size, color, and all aspects is just perfect for me :) What i love the most is i can wear the bag to work, meetings, campus, weekend, hangout, and so on!

Let's #wearlocal ;D

Watch: Guess
Block Heels: New Look
Statement Earrings: Forever 21

See you guys on my next post! :)

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