Sunday, 1 November 2015

ORORI Jewelry

Hello Guys! How's your day? I am gonna share you an exciting online shopping destination. Wait... It is not just an ordinary online webstore, because this is Orori, the trendsetter of jewelry online shopping Indonesia!

Nowadays, shopping online has became part in our life. Everything can be bought online, including jewelry. Orori is a trusted company that has been selling gold and diamond jewelry since 2004. Worry no more about issues you will get cheated by irresponsible online seller, because Orori is here providing so many range of high quality product and services. You can take a look on their website as well to view the whole collection. Theirs are just awesome!!

A heart shaped diamond ring. Pretty sure that girls out there might be dreaming to be proposed with this beautiful ring? ;) Well guys out there, you can also give your beloved one with this meaningful rings. Orori has various collections of wedding rings, woman rings, necklace, pendant, earrings and bracelets. What i love from Orori is also they sell jewelry boxes to pack up your gift elegantly. PLUS.... they even sell jewelry cleaner. Of course we all want our jewelries keep shining and well- cared. One stop shopping in a site! That is why Orori is very recommended :)

Gold and Diamond bracelets. 
Stack them up for a touch of chic elegance in your whole outfit :) I used to wear jewelries in one hand so they can look good together ;)

Diamond necklace & rings

The name of Orori itself came from "Oro" from Italian word means "gold" and "Ri" is the acronym of ring. Orori's logo: green box represents jewelry box. 

Black Jumpsuit - AmyGo's upcoming collection
Snake skin flats - Urban & Co
Black bag- charles & Keith

Why i RECOMMEND ORORI as your jewelry online shopping destination:
1. Orori is the first and the only one online jewelry seller in Indonesia
2. Orori comes up with more than 200,000 SKU
3. Orori uses 3D printer to make jewelries
4. Orori has feature 'design my own'. This feature were made to satisfy your custom- need desire of your own jewelry. your gifts also can be very personal :) That would be lovely and so so so special for your beloved ones :)
5. Orori provides products with personal unsure in it. Orori understands personal can become very special, that's why Orori provides jewelries pendant with alphabet with 5 different types of font.
6. Orori's website is very user friendly, easy to be clicked away and each product's photos are very detailed, completed with information. You will never to be in doubt buying precious jewelries here.
7. I figured out that Orori has so many payment options. They also provide loans 0% for the banks stated in their website. Orori understands that jewelries are not only for being gifted, it is also can be a very good investment too. 

Benefits i typed here are only some of them. You've gotta try it yourself, their services and their simplicity of shopping ;)

Cheers, see you at the next post!

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