Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Basic White Shirt and Jogger Pants Styling

Who loves basic clothes raise your hands up!! We all know that basics can never go wrong, especially in casuality and in monochromes! Some people tend to be a little conservative in making outfit decisions, that's why monochrome casual style will never be fade out, they got huge fanatic fans! Are you one of them? ;)

I was wearing a basic white shirt from AmyGo and until know, it is unbelievably comfortable and beyond pretty! it is made from a soft paris cotton, so it is actually a semi sheer casual shirt, it is still apropriate to be worn to the office or campus. The material is beyond comfy. Sometimes, i have to admit that wearing white shirts are incredibly hot even though it is made from cotton, or i simply don't like the fitting on my body, it sometimes makes me hard to move my hands up (the shirt will go up too along with my hands, it doesn't staym pheew). As my hands drop, i have to rearrange my white shirt to stay fit on my skirt or pants.

This Ruby long sleeve shirt in white is also versatile like a crisp white shirt, don't you think? I recommend this as your best investment too in basics, you can just throw this piece on a blue jeans and voila! Effortlessly stylish. In this ruby shirt, i don't really need extra effort too on ironing because the fabric is a wrinkle- fabric type (which is good for casual shirts). Hooray, so much time savings! :D

Jogger pants is still on trend! I think i don't wanna be common in style, so i just picked this denim- fabric jogger pants, love it because it has washing texture, so it is not really plain! Best paired with plain tops or shirts like mine. It is super easy for you to try this style on, since jogger is every where now ;)

Basic white kicks is from Adidas Superstar. I have been eyeing white sneakers lately, and at first i was a little confused to decide whether i'd pick Nike's Roshe Run or Adidas Superstar. Turns out that i realised Roshe Run is quite mainstream for some people (and me), i ended up purchased the Adidas because it is slightly looks nicer on my feet rather than the roshe Run :) But....! I am still thinking to get myself the Roshe Run too, in other colors ;p

If you are interested in this outfit, you must try because it is veeeryyyy simple and super easy to be done. It also fits almost daily styles and yet, you can still use your favorite basics! Remember, you can also style basics with layerings techniques or adding acessorries. Don't forget to comment below and tell me what do you guys think! ;) Good luck!

See you on the next post!

Photos taken by Sonya, thank you so much <3

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