Monday, 28 September 2015

Admiring Days

Hi everyone! Finally, had a chance to update my blog with new entry! I always get excited when ever i got stories to tell. I have loads, i'll share my mind and perspective a lot and hope you guys find enjoyment reading mine :)

Wearing upcoming jacquard knitted crop top from AmyGo paired with maxi cullotes from previous collection. I super love the combination! Wearing crop tops doesn't have to show your belly/ skin. In case you wanna play safe or office appropriate, this will be the answer! Wear your high waisted pants to make balance the whole look! The crop top itself was made from a textured jacquard knitted fabrics, so it gives you body- conscious shape and perfectly fall on your belly ;p

Maxi cullotes are still in! I love the white one because it adds chic and elegant touch at the same time to the outfit. Don't you agree? ;) It is also very simple to be paired with almost anything: crop tops, jackets, vest, shirts, peplum, tank- top, camisoles, and so on. That's why i am really in love with this item. In this post i chooses monochrome. If you are keen, you are always free to ad colors!

Pictures were taken by Sonya, thank you Son! <3
She introduces me to the red matte Bourjois lipstick i was wearing it in these pictures) and I AM TERRIFIED. I think i have found the most suitable bright red shade for me. Since i am not a fan of  heavy creamy lipstick types, i always avoid wearing them, instead, i always put on colored liptint or balm stain. This lipstick Sonya introduced me was very great! Can't wait to get myself one. Hope i can get this as soon as possible because i just knew it is limited edition!

My favorite comfy sandals for afternoon walk. It's broken white and has thin block heels which made it super comfortable. I personally now can't really walk in flats, i feel somehow flats are making my feet feel tired. Style tips: you can pick sandals similar like this because it is versatile enough: it can go both casual or semi formal, it is suitable for summer outfits (example: maxi dresses). This kind of sandals will probably be your every day sandals!

Look how lovely my clutch is! Actually, this clutch was a gift from Indonesia when i won their OOTD competition but turned out that this clutch is stylish! I brought it as my daily pouch, but when it is urgent, you will always need an instant helper like this simple clutch! You can style it to your outfit easily and since it is very practical, light weight and minimalist, this type of clutch works in any outfit :) well Indonesia really knows style, right?

Alright! I do hope you all who are reading this feel happy and peaceful. I think, we should be more focus in our goals and happiness, instead of drowning ourselves down and down in sadness/ guilty feelings. Why? Because life is too short for being ungrateful and sad!

I always keep reminding myself that "ask yourself: Thelma, are you going to regret something i didn't do in the future?" YES, this question helps a lot. As young people we better make everyday wonderful by doing something we really love and useful, or at least useful for others. Don't waste time for something that is fun in short term. If i can give examples: wake up at 12 a.m. Dude, it is noon anyway and you have lost opportunities you can get while you are awake earlier in the morning. Or when you just lazying around in your bed with blankets and snacks on. Come on get up! Do what ever you need and should do. Start doing your passion, start doing the best thing and start to be influential.

You will never make any changes if you stay just being the ordinary you. You URGENTLY NEED to be extraordinary, being awesome just  the way you are. Let the world knows your work and you are known as the success person. If we were born in this world just for being ordinary, then why would then come others who are extraordinary or wanted to be? We will just ended up being like a loser.

This encouragement is not trying to judge you; this encouragement was made by my thoughts based on what i clearly see every day, most of the times what my friends are doing. don't just sit and relax now, at least. Let yourself in the future enjoy your hard work from now on. You will never change anything with just relaxing, chilling or doing something that is not really useful for your future. Don't let laziness covers you, you must win through it, beat your weaknesses and start enhancing your strength.

Attheend, you will be admiring days without regret in your past' about what you haven't donein your young age.
Cheers, see you at the top! :)

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