Monday, 22 December 2014

Museum Keramik dan Seni Rupa

I love art! Here, we visited Museum Keramik dan Seni Rupa. At first we wanted to visit Museum Fatahillah, but too bad it was closed because of the reconstruction project on it, so we can't go inside.

Near the museums, there was an exhibition about caricatures. It was very unique, because the caricatures were all Indonesian governor and politic role model. There were also many funny caricatures that tell sarcasm in a funny way, such like the picture about DPR  above ;p I like the picture of Gusdur the most. It tells you somehow to laugh in this life. I like his phrase "gitu aja kok repot" (re: sweating the small stuffs), because it reminds us not to take everything so seriously. There are many problems, but always, we will have solutions, and we can finish those in simple ways. Don't sweat the small stuffs!

The caricatures exhibition is really interesting, and i smiled everytime i took a look to a painting. Indonesian painters are very awesome! They put recognizable face feature such nose, jaw bone, cheek bone, etc on the paintings, make the characters look like real, but still look like a caricatures.


 The photographer ;p


Some of the paintings i found

The entrance. Somehow, reminds me of the ancient Greek buildings. Lovely!

I did not take any ceramic pictures there, because to be honest, i personally did not get interested seeing ceramics. Though, the display in the museum was not really interesting, low light, and there was no explanation or story behind the ceramics. An explanation from a ceramic was only "Majapahit Ceramic", i did not even know was it really from the Majapahit era? Or was it just a name?

Perhaps, the museum should redesign the interior inside. It really needs a very good lighting i guess. I think, ceramics, paintings and art would look nicer if there is a great lighting showering them, they will shine and pop. The paintings looked very old, and dusty. The display was not interesting enough to make visitors want to stay longer. Air conditioning would help too! 

The day was so bright, and there were many local attractions there. There were also accessorries stalls, selling bracelets, necklaces, glasses, scarfs and so on! We can rent bike here, but we were too lazy and tired to cycling around, because we had not our lunch yet (it was 15.30)  ;D

Super fun day!

Local street food: Batagor!

IDR  5k ice cream!

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