Monday, 22 December 2014

Museum Bank Indonesia

Hello everyone! Last Saturday me, my sister and my boyfriend visited museums here at Kota Tua, Jakarta. We rarely visit museums, so on this holiday we managed to make a visit. It's a wonderful short trip! Learned history in a fun way :)

We visited Museum Bank Indonesia and learned financial history of our country Indonesia. Realizing that economy is the important fundamental of a country.

The architecture at Museum Bank Indonesia, influenced by colonialism. Such a lovely day! The sun was so bright, with blue sky above.

Costumes From Holland and Japan, placed neatly in a glass on the floor. Unique!

Building Construction


I always have a dream for becoming travel and tourism minister. I will execute creative ideas, with creative people. I will enhance local side more than the international side. Providing some open public area, with lots of trees, garbage bin, and local attractions such as kuda lumping, ondel- ondel, etc. Then, i can make a space for local culinary, such as kerak telor, es podeng, etc. 
At the night, lights from lamps will be on, there will be live music and local attractions. Wonderful.

Been dreaming for wonderful museums in Indonesia. Imagine, there will be thousands visitors every day, adoring the historical site with cozy and comfortable interior.
Unfortunately, there are some people who misbehaved.  They throw garbage every where, leave their mineral water empty bottle, and so on outside. I even saw a hand writing on the wall in the museum, near the collections. The handwriting said a verbal abused. What were they thinking?

After all, Jakarta is still beautifying itself. I believe there will be changes everywhere in many aspects. Traffic, historical sites, tourism, roads, transportation, etc. Young people, let's move! Do something you can to support, not just complaining about the negativity. Every single thing has its plus and minus. We just have to enhance the plus and reduce the minus.

Mental Revolution.

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