Sunday, 28 September 2014

The Light and Casual Make-up Tutorial

Hello everyone, here i wanna share you some tutorial about my light and casual make up. NO eyeliner, no falsies, no heavy make-up. Hope this helps! <3 If you try this, let me know and drop the comments below or mention me at instagram @thelmakisela :)

The Make-up tools:

- I am using Victoria's Secret powder brush
- Blush- on brush, eyebrow brush, eyeshadow brush

The Make-up:

- Revlon Color Stay Compact Powder
- Revlon Compact Green Palette Eyeshadow
- Hallyu BB Cream (Korean brand)
- Relian Mascara in Black
- Etude Drawing Eyebrow (brown)
- Burt's Bees Replenishing Lipbalm
- HEMA Mousturising Lipstick
- Japanese brand Coral Blush- on

- NYX Waiting for Tonight Limited Edition Makeup set -
I love my NYX palette, it was a Christmas gift from my love. He knows make up! This one consists of eyeshadows, 2 colors blush-on, bronzer, 3 colors concealers, 4 colors eyebrow powder, and 4 colors of lipsticks. MAJOR LOVE. Can't stop wearing these for a year hahaha

1. Put on your BB Cream. I am using Hallyu, a Korean brand BB Cream because the texture is very good and it doesn't make me look like i am wearing something in my face.

2. Swipe the loose powder

3. Put the coral blush-on on top of your apple cheek. Smile to get the best figure of your apple cheek!

4. Draw a line following your eyebrow shape. I am using this Etude Drawing Eyebrow because it is so handy, easy to use and a complete package. It has a brush in it!

PS: If you have thick eyebrow like i do, you can shape them first by trimming it or go to a wax salon. the arch should drop perfectly, arching perfectly so it can define and frame your face. Actually here, mine hasn't been shaped for 3 weeks, so it was kind of messed up eyebrow. But it is okay, it will be an example for you who hasn't done an eyebrow trimming before :)

 5. Fill your eyebrow with an eyebrow powder. Swipe lightly, and brush your eyebrow.

Here, i am using the darkest brown color because my hair is black. Don't go too over in brown if you have a dark black hair because it doesn't match beautifully.
oh by the way, i have a skin scar on my forehead, it was because the worst facial someone had ever done to me in my junior high school -.........-

6. Put the lightest pink color to all over your eyelid,
7. Swipe the purple color on your outer eyelid. This can make your eyes look bigger.
8. Put on a tangerine color at the center of eyelid.


9. Put your mascara on. You can use your most powerful mascara to make your lashes seem longer and thicker!

10. Instead of eyeliner (i apply eyeliner everywhere i go), now i want my eyes have some rest without eyeliner. Here is the trick: go for a black eyeshadow with a sharp brush! it will create smudgy greyish- black line that is not too obvious. This trick works when you don't want to use eyeliner, because eyeliner gives you more powerful and contrast black color.




- After -

See you at the next posts! :D

PS: I edited nothing on my photos above. I only use a good lighting from my bedroom window ;;)

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