Tuesday, 2 September 2014

The Flattering Combo

These photos are actually belong to the new arrival of my online fashion store AmyGo (instagram: @amygostore) ;D I personally pick the clothes based on my style and my taste. Hope these suits everyone of you!

I love this leather skirt because of the material is soft and light. Yet it is not really too short, it is just fit. The flare makes an attractive silhouette of the body. Usually girls (us) want to wear clothes that can make us look thinner, yes? ;D

The idea for mixing it with a super bright red lace top was just in a blink! I didn't know why i had choose this outfit, but fashion is our runway, our experiment. It seems rare for seeing lace and leather together, since the lace fabrics are correlated with girly and feminine, and leathers are correlated with tough and biker, or even mafias (we see a lot of TV series and movies with mafias in their leather jackets and pants ;p).

The tips:
1. Laces are usually come in pastels colors and sweet. For now, we can try something different. you can use bold colors on leather, like red, electric blue, shocking pink, or even yellow.
2. Make sure the lace for not being too much, so you can make a statement with your leather item.
3. Do accessorizing. Not in a big gold chained necklace or big bangles, just try something simple. For example, you can wear a statement necklace with the same color of your leather/ lace clothes. If the leather is black, you can use black necklaces.

My black pump shoes never leaves me! hahaha. The kind of shoes that matches with almost every occasions. Family dinner, a date, casual day, and so on. My boyfriend is the one who taught me to buy this kind of shoes! He even chose and bought this as a present <3 the height should not be really tall, unless you can walk on it without a pitiful face. But for special events, do have a pair with >7cm black pumps with stiletto heels! It will elongate your legs and.... SEXY legs. hahaha!

I like the simple outfit idea :) let the bright color and the fabric do the talk.

My favorite shot ;)

-All photos by boyfriend (Steven Adrianto ~ @steven.ar on instagram)-
Bright Red Lace top  and Mini Flare Leather skirt ~ @amygostore
Black pumps ~ Payless Shoe Source

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