Sunday, 6 July 2014

The Election for our Nation

4th of July is Unites State's independence day (as seen on my jacket ;p) We know, United States is well known as a democracy country, also with its liberalism. They really appreciate differences, they are also used to live in the plural neighborhood. Well, a case that a lot of Indonesian people need to learn i think ;)

Nowadays, people who talk about racism is no longer being appreciated by others. Why? Racism, is not really a thing anymore. Since the revolutionary public figure like Martin Luther King, Jr and Nelson Mandela shouted for the rights of the minority society, people got their eyes opened. why should we be bothered by other's ethics, religion, ideology, skin tone, and else? It is oldschool now....

Oh, my beloved country Indonesia will have the President election this 9th of July! Well, i decided from first i have chosen Jokowi-JK (of course, who else? ;) ). I watched the debates from candidates, and still, number 2 is the best so far. They have clear vision and mission, long term and short term plan, and the specified what are they going to ddo, example: Kartu Indonesia Sehat (Indonesia Health Card). They explained clearly, explicit,and going for certain directions. Meanwhile, the other candidate sometimes got angry quickly, though they are relevant too, their explanation is not really clear. They just mentioned "will", "want", and so on. So, Salam Dua Jari! :D

By the way, these outfit shots were taken by y friend Dita (reach her through her instagram @ditaveronika). She likes photography and currently working as a freelance photographer. Sure, you can contact her soon!:)

I was not only with Dita, i was also with my friend Cinthya (reach her through instagram @cinthyadevi). I managed AmyGo Fashion Store lookbok for this summer, and we have done the photoshoot very well. Thanks for both of you ! ;)

Annnddd..... Actually, my items on my body from head to toe belongs to Cinthya. We were grabbing stuffs from the closet and played dress up, and ask Dita for capture our narcism hehe (bet, other girl also do it!!!!)

Taking outfit posts is way more fun with friends, especially this crazy girls hahaha. I paired USA denim jacket, leather skirt and a beanie. Plus, adding an instant statement by this gold wedge sneakers. Oh one thing same about me and Cinthya, we ALWAYS LOVE to go to shopping to find some unique pieces of clothing at its lowest price. It became our happiness when we can say to others "Hey everyone, i got this pair of cutie shoes for only 85k!" and other girls might like "WHAAATTTTTT??!!!! I wan't some of course where'd you buy it?!!" Haahaha! it's our pleasure ;p

Cinthya also threw clothes and mixed it by herself. She has pretty taste too in fashion ;) she wore brown leather jacket, black bustier, and denim pencil skirt with the brown leather accent on waist. Heels were added, so this elongate the legs beautifully! All clothes here are unbranded too :)

We just realised that our outfit in these photos are similar. We wore denim and leather in the different ways! Fashion need to be fun and creative. If you feel like you wanna wear anything, just put it confidently. Your aura will enhance and inner beauty will pop! But of course, also remember that our whole outfit is eye-catching enough, but also has a harmony and suitable color tone. Do remember too, all accessorries are created to fill the emptiness of boring clothes. So use it for your better look!

See you on the next posts! Do visist my instagram account too as well: @thelmaksiela ;)

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